The Wild Outdoor Research Team (W.O.R.T.) consists of Grade 7 students from many different schools within the Regina Public School Division.

The team meets every 4-6 weeks for an outdoor experience, conservation project, or related activity.

What is W.O.R.T.?

W.O.R.T. is an unique program for Regina Public School's Grade 7 students, run by the Outdoor Environmental Education staff. Students who have an interest in outdoor experiences, environmental issues, and developing an understanding of the natural world comprise the team. Students apply at the end of their Grade 6 year by completing an application form indicating why they want to be in the program, what environmental issues concern them, and what they would like to do and learn in the outdoors.

The cost for the program is $125.00, which is used to cover the cost of transportation, supplies, accommodation and food for the outdoor school and admissions where required.

Goals of the W.O.R.T. program:

  • foster a love for the outdoors by introducing students to a variety of outdoor activities
  • develop a greater understanding of the natural world
  • provide positive personal growth experience through outdoor leadership and team building
  • create discussion on important environmental issues in Saskatchewan

How the program works.

The W.O.R.T. program consists of approximately 9 events (weather permitting) during the school year, held during the regular school day. Leadership and team building skills are woven into each of the events. Students will be expected to complete two presentations to a class in their school. They will also have one major project due during the year.  

Participation in this program requires:

  • parents dropping off and picking up their child on the day of the activities
  • the student and their parents to attend the information meeting at the beginning of the school year
  • participation in all activities is an essential requirement
  • notifying an Outdoor Ed. staff member in the event of an absence
  • students to keep up with school work missed as a result of attending W.O.R.T.

W.O.R.T. Activities

There are a variety of curricular based outdoor experiences that students will engage in during the year. Themes include conservation, outdoor skills, winter studies, and nature appreciation. Some past W.O.R.T. activities have been: map and compass activities, environmental clean-ups, geocaching, fish milking, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, biking, nature art, Geolog tour of the Qu'Appelle Valley, and canoeing. As well, each year the team goes on a multi-day camping trip.

2021/2022 will marked the 23th year the Outdoor Environmental Education department has offered this program. Every year it is amazing to see the growth in these students, from our first outing where everyone is very quiet to a tight knit group of friends with amazing ideas and insights into the natural world.


WORT Activities Slideshow