Snowshoe Kits

Booking Information 

Booking form will be live November 15 to November 22 at 4:00 pm

Book your snowshoe kits HERE.- CLOSED

  • Please coordinate with other teachers within your school to use the snowshoes during the same week as they will only be loaned ONCE PER SCHOOL PER KIT.  
  • Snowshoe kits are picked up by the teacher at the school board office on Friday between 8:00 - 8:30 am and returned the following Thursday by 4:30 pm. 
  • Kits are loaned out as long as the snow conditions permit.
  • Snowshoe kits are not to be used on snow packed surfaces such as sidewalks or playgrounds.
  • A neighbourhood park is a great place to snowshoe.
  • The aluminum snowshoes may not be used for winter carnivals.  For bookings of the red carnival snowshoes, please contact Susan at 306-523-3150.


  Kit #1 Aluminum Snowshoes - Grades K-3  

2 Sets

Set contains 30 pairs of student snowshoes and 3 adult pairs (packed in 3 hockey equipment bags). 

  Kit #2 Aluminum Snowshoes - Grades 4-6

2 Sets 

Set contains 30 pairs of student snowshoes and 3 adult pairs (packed in 4 to 5 equipment bags). 

  Kit #3 Aluminum Snowshoes-  Grades 7-8

1 Set 

This kit contains 30 pairs of students snowshoes and 5 adult pair (packed in 4 equipment bags).  

  Kit #4 Aluminum Snowshoes- Grade 9-12

1 Set 

This kit contains 32 pair of snowshoes (packed in 5 equipment bags). 

  Kit # 5 Plastic Snowshoes for Winter Carnivals This kit contains 20 pairs of plastic snowshoes with new vinyl/webbing bindings. This kit is the only kit that can be used for winter carnivals or on snow packed areas, such as school playgrounds.