Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Environmental Education Department assists teachers to provide hands-on, real world experiences to enhance what is being taught in the classroom. 

These experiences fit into all subject areas and students are often engaged with more than one curriculum area at a time. Pre-K to Grade 12 students have the opportunity to participate in outdoor learning.  This ranges from outdoor learning in the school yard to wilderness adventure trips. 

Safety is always put first on outdoor activities with all our sites having Risk Management Plans. Outdoor Education has a rich history in Regina Public Schools starting in 1965 by Jack MacKenzie. Outdoor experiences are designed for students to feel safe and comfortable so they can have a positive experience.  For many students it may be their first time outdoors for a full day. Students have the opportunity to visit different field trips sites outside the city.  Many of these sites are on private land and feature a stunning array of natural, historical, and cultural features that are not only educational, but provide students direct interaction with the natural world, introduce them to the natural history of the area, and encourage environmental stewardship.