Outdoor Programs

The Outdoor Environmental Education Department offers full day, half day, and extended half day field study programs to students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. Our field work sites are within an hour’s drive from the city and are mostly located on private land. These sites feature a stunning array of natural, historical, and cultural features that are educational in their own right but also help to promote experiential, active learning; to provide students direct interaction with the natural world; to introduce students to the natural history of their home region; to encourage environmental stewardship and sustainable living; and enrich the classroom curriculum in a variety of ways.

Scheduling Your Field Study

Each field study season is scheduled separately following the deadline date for that field trip season. 

To apply for a field study, click on the appropriate field study season and complete an online request form. Please apply before the appropriate deadline date.

Applicants will be contacted by email the week following the deadline date with a field trip date. Please confirm that the date will work for your class.

Buses will be booked by the Outdoor Environmental Education department.  

Class Visits 

  • an Outdoor Ed. technician will contact you with a date/time to come to visit your class to prepare you and your students for your trip, discuss goals, what students will need to bring, and trip expectations
  • the visit is mandatory and will be done 1 - 2 weeks prior to the field trip
  • visits are done for classes going on full day or extended half day trips only. Teachers of half day trips will be contacted by the technician with trip details.
  • visit will take approximately 1 hour