NASP - National Archery in the Schools Program

Changing Lives One Arrow At A Time!

It started as a simple idea to teach kids the basics of archery as a part of school curriculum. But it has grown into so much more.

The National Archery in the Schools Program has the ability to:

  • Affect school attendance
  • Increase self esteem
  • Increase physical activity
  • Translate into subject matter
  • Appeal to all students
  • Become an after school activity
  • Truly change lives!

National Archery in the Schools Program is designed to teach archery to grades 4 through 12. Core content of the program covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, core strengthening physical fitness and self-improvement. Before presenting the 2-week archery course, teachers undergo an 8-hour National Archery in the Schools Program Basic Archery Instructor Training to become certified.

Students shoot at 80 cm bulls-eye targets placed before an arrow curtain in their gymnasium. Equipment used is state-of-the art and designed to fit every student. Thanks to support from The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation and Fries Tallman Lumber we have been able to obtain 4 archery kits.

A major part of the success of this international program is the fact that it uses state-of-the-art equipment. The Mathews Genesis compound bow is the official bow of the NASP program and for good reason:

  • Kids can't outgrow it - because there is no specific draw length requirement.
  • It's simple to buy - no need to measure and fit for draw length.
  • It's easy to shoot - because the draw length is always right, the beginning archer won't develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow.
  • Great for families - everybody in the family can shoot the same bow.
  • Perfect for schools, clubs, organizations - no need to worry about draw length.
  • Stores love it - great for getting people interested in archery, and it's the perfect bow for use with video target systems.
  • Built to last - durable and tough, these bows can take the punishment that multiple shooters can dish out.

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Regina Public Schools now has 90 plus teachers trained as archery instructors. If interested please contact Wayne Tranberg at 306-523-3153 or

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