Stream Ecology

  • Environmental Science 20
  • Stream testing will be done at 2 sites: McKell Marsh (as Wascana Creek enters the city) and Wascana Trails (after the water has gone through the city). 
  • Students will determine the health of an aquatic ecosystem through physical, biological and chemical testing.  Back in the classroom students can look at why certain test results were found and what the results mean for different organisms living in Wascana Creek as well as other communities downstream.  
  • Trip can be modified to fit the teaching being done in the classroom.
  • full day or 2 half day field trips
  • Students will be outdoors all day and need to be prepared with proper clothing, footwear, a nutritious lunch, snacks, and adequate water.
  • Wascana Trails is not wheelchair accessible.

Online Resources:

Safe Drinking Water Foundation
Crapshoot: The Gamble With Our Wastes
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