15 Minute Field Trips


A school yard is a great starting point for environmental studies and awareness of the natural world. 


Advantages of School Yard Field Trips:

  • Easily accessible; no bus required
  • Repeated trips to observe changes can be done at any time
  • They are part of an ecosystem

Teacher Tips for Teaching Outdoors:

  • Students should know the purpose of the trip
  • Have equipment ready for the students
  • Set out or mark boundaries when you first go outside
  • Deal with one topic at a time
  • Always stand facing the sun when you speak to students so they don’t have the sun in their eyes

Student Learning:

  • Develop responsible environmental action
  • Awareness and understanding of interrelationships in the natural world
  • Concern for the planet
  • Learning by observation, and related activity
  • Bridge the gap between abstract ideas and the real world for meaningful learning
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