Wascana Park Historical Geocache

Recommended Grade 5 and up


The Wascana Park Geocache Trek is a program designed to utilize a handheld Global Positioning System (or GPS phone app), and a camera to learn about the historical and commemorative spots in Wascana Park.  An information guide sheet with site coordinates and questions will accompany the participant as they make their way through Wascana Park.  The activity can be completed in groups that start in different locations within the park.  The Historical Geocache Trek provides an opportunity for students to enjoy the beauty of Wascana Park, and to learn about how history has shaped Saskatchewan.

The Wascana Park Historical Geocache is a three (3) part program if fully completed, however, the first part can be used by itself, or with the additional follow up questions of the second part.  The third part is for extended study on a specific aspect of Wascana Park history.

Classroom Pre-Teaching

  • Have the students learn how to use the GPS units and have them enter the coordinates for all stops prior to going to Wascana Park.
  • Students should learn about and research some important events in Regina’s history.
  • Each group will need a clipboard and pencils.

Safety and Respect 

  • Students should be in small groups with an adult supervisor with each group.
  • Ensure the group stays together and always crosses at an intersection or crosswalk.
  • Be sure students are respectful, especially if they have to go into a building to find information.
  • Ensure students do not block the entire sidewalk.  Be respectful of other people walking through the Park.

Start of the Activity

  • Have the class gather together in the front of the Legislative Building .  The geocaching challenge centers from there. 
  • Instruct as to what time the groups need to meet back at the Legislative Building.
  • Remind group leaders not to do the scavenger hunt for the students.  Be sure it is the students that have the opportunity to use the GPS units and write on their own timeline sheet.

 Classroom Follow-Up

  • Have students research information on the events, buildings, architecture and/or people that they have been introduced to in the scavenger and timeline activities. 
  • Put the timeline in perspective with other world events that were happening at the same time.

Materials Required

Handheld GPS or GPS phone app, camera, information guide sheet, pencil


  1. Starting point for Part A – if going solo begin with the first set of coordinates. A classroom group should work in a group of 3 or 4 with each group beginning in a different geocache coordinate location. Make sure all group members take turns using the GPS.

  1. Enter your first coordinate and begin your urban trek. Find the spot and take pictures of the information boards to verify you found the spot. The pictures are essential to have for answering the follow up questions. Answer the questions in the Part A information guide as you move from each GPS location. Answering the questions and taking pictures completes Part A of this program.

  1. Part B of this program requires the photographs taken of each geocache coordinate location. Using the photographs collected continue to answer the follow up questions to broaden your knowledge base.

  1. Part C involves individual or group research on a geocache location that can be pursued under the direction and inspiration of the classroom teacher.

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