Regina Historical Building Scavenger Hunt

Recommended Grade 3 and up


The task of this scavenger hunt is to locate 15 different historical buildings in downtown Regina.  At each building students will need to find the name of the building (not the name of businesses in the building), and the date it was built.


This scavenger hunt can be completed 4 different ways.  Student can find each location by using a map, addresses, GPS coordinates, or a combination of all 3. 


The starting location for this scavenger hunt is the cenotaph in Victoria Park.  Divide the class into groups and start each group at a different number.   Instruct the groups to do the scavenger hunt clues in numerical order.


Safety in the Downtown

  • Ensure each group has an adult with them
  • Only cross streets at crosswalks
  • Be respectful of other people walking on the sidewalks
  • Set a specific time to meet back in Victoria Park
  • Teachers should have each supervising adult’s cell number


Helpful Pre-Teaching

  • Roman Numerals – some of the dates on the buildings are in Roman Numerals

                    M = 1000   C = 100   X = 10   V = 5   I = 1

  • Streets all run north and south; Avenues all run east and west

            Odd numbered addresses on one side of the street or avenue and even on the other side.


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