Hunters and Gatherers

  • Grades 5-6
  • Located on private land.
  • Students will explore traditional, Indigenous ways of living and hunting.  Students will visit a buffalo jump, learn about edible and medicinal plants, build a travois and participate in hunting techniques such as at’latls and bow and arrow. 
  • Full day field trip
  • This trip is not accessible by wheelchair 

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Pre and Post Activities


Curriculum Connections




Grade 4

Social Studies

IN4.2 Describe the origins of the cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities.

Social Studies

DR4.2 Explain the relationships between First Nations and Metis with the land.

Grade 5

Social Studies

IN5.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the Aboriginal heritage of Canada.

Phys Ed

PE5.9 Make decisions about how to prevent and care for common movement activity-related discomforts and injuries (e.g., stiffness, nose bleeds, and sprains).

Grade 6

Phys Ed

PE6.10 Apply controlled use of selected movement skills and variations (i.e., locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills) as well as safe and environmentally friendly behaviors while participating in a variety of alternative environment activities and body management activities.

Phys Ed

PE6.13 Analyze and apply safety guidelines and rules that apply to the target games, invasion/territorial games, and alternate environment activities to develop an appreciation of their impact on self and others.