Compass and GPS Course

  • During the full day field trip, the students will be challenged on an orienteering and GPS course at the Condie Nature Refuge. 
  • Pre teaching and practice in the classroom with compasses is essential for this field trip.   
  • 1/2 or full day options

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Curriculum Connections  



DR6.3 Appraise the strategies that human societies have used to orient themselves within time and place in the natural environment.


Complex Skills – Demonstrate improvement in performance of complex skills.


PE6.13 Analyze and apply safety guidelines and rules that apply to the target games, invasion/territorial games, and alternate environment activities to develop an appreciation of their impact on self and others.

Wellness 10

DR7.1 Analyze and use various types of maps (that provide differing perspectives and information for differing purposes) in order to situate current issues in Canada, and in a selection of Pacific Rim and northern circumpolar countries.