Habitats and Communities

  • Grade 4
  • Located on Flying Creek northwest of Regina on private land.
  • Students will explore the Flying Creek Valley identifying living organisms and determining what each of these organisms require for their habitat.  These studies will be done through grassland, woodland and wetland areas.  
  • full day field trip
  • This site is not accessible by wheelchair or cart.

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Curriculum Connections




Grade 4


HC4.1 Investigate the interdependance of plants and animals, including humans, within habitats and communities.


HC4.2 Analyze the structure and behaviors of plants and animals that enable them to exist in various habitats.


HC4.3 Assess the effects of natural and human activities on habitats and communities , and propose actions to maintain or restore habitats.


RM4.3 Analyze how weathering, erosion, and fossils provide evidence to support human understanding of the formation of land forms on earth.

Phys Ed

PE4.10 Apply tactics, strategies and rules necessary for safe and inclusive involvement in movement activities, including but not limited to co-operative and competitive lead-up games as well as alternate environment activities, when alone and with others.

Phys Ed

PE4.11 Incorporate safe practises (e.g., warm-up, cool-down, safe stretching, protective responses, proper attire, well-maintained equipment) for the prevention of injury and investigate basic first aid associated with care of illness and injury resulting from participation in movement activities both in and out of physical education class.