• Grades 7-12
  • Located near the town of Avonlea on private land
  • Trip will be hiking into the badlands to observe erosion, glacial formations, soil layers and rock that was once on the surface of this area near the end of Cretaceous time period
  • full day field trip
  • Students will be outdoors all day and need to be prepared with proper clothing, footwear, a nutritious lunch, snacks, and adequate water.
  • Students requiring a wheelchair can access this site in their wheelchair (non-motorized only) or by using Outdoor Ed.’s cart.

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Curriculum Connections




Grade 7


EC7.2 Identify locations and processes used to extract Earth's geological resources and examine the impacts of those locations and processes on society and the environment.


EC7.3 Investigate the characteristics and formations of the surface geology of Saskatchewan, including soil, and identify correlations between surface geology and past, present, and possible future land users.
  Phys Ed
PE7.9 Utilize selected movement skills and combinations of skills (i.e., locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative) to participate in a variety of alternate environment activities.
  Phys Ed
PE7.14 Examine, evaluate, and represent both the historical and present impact of Canada's Northern people on the development of movement activity options as a means of supporting the well-being of self and others.
Grade 8 Science
WS8.2 Examine how wind, water, and ice have shaped and continue to shape the Canadian Landscape.