Alex Youck One Room School

The Alex Youck One Room School is located inside the Regina Public Schools J.A. Burnett Centre.  This is a half day program run by the Outdoor Environmental Education Department.  

Content of program:

Students will:

  • step inside the fully furnished one room school and go back over 100 years to be a pupil from the early 1900's
  • do math on slates, handwriting with quill and ink, read aloud from Victorian age readers, play musical instruments, and dance to a 78 record played on a gramophone
  • explore and determine what certain objects were used for and how they compare to what are in our schools today

Length of program

  • This is a half day program, offered in either morning or afternoon.

Preparation for program

  • Bus to Division Office must be booked by the teacher (at cost of $91.00).
  • Teachers will be emailed pre-teaching information. 
  • Teacher and students are encouraged to dress in clothing from that time period.
  • Students should bring water bottles. There is no water fountain available.

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Curriculum Connections

Grade 1

Social Studies

IN1.1 Describe diversity of traditions, celebrations or stories of individuals in the classroom and school.
DR1.1 Relate family events and stories of the recent or distant past to the student's place in present day family life.

Grade 2

Social Studies

DR2.1 Investigate stories of significant events and persons in local community's history to describe the contribution of those who lived in the community in earlier times.

Grade 3

Social Studies

RW3.1 Appraise the ways communities meet their members' needs and wants.

Arts Ed.

CP3.3 Sustain roles in dramatic situations and accept/respond to others in role, using the environment (e.g., natural, constructed, imagined) as inspiration.

Grade 4

Arts Ed.

CP4.3 Assume a range of roles and strategies in drama work, using a Saskatchewan context as inspiration.

Social Studies

IN4.2 Describe the origins of the cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities.


Social Studies

DR4.1 Correlate the impact of the land on the lifestyles and settlement patterns of the people of Saskatchewan.

Grade 5

Social Studies

DR5.1 Correlate the impact of the land on the lifestyles and settlement patterns of the people of Saskatchewan.

Social Studies

DR5.2 Assess the impact of the environment on the lives of people living in Canada.

Grade 6

Social Studies

DR6.2 Analyze ways in which the land affects human settlement patterns and social organization, and ways in which human habitation affects land.

Social Studies

DR6.4 Relate contemporary issues to their historical origins in Canada and a selection of countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean.