Historical Downtown Regina Geocaching Challenge

Recommended Grade 5 and up

Students will use a GPS to take them to 18 locations in downtown Regina.  At each location there will be 2 tasks:

  • Find the date of the building or event (occasionally group leader will have to read it off their sheet if there is no visible date).  Then write the name of the building or historical event on the timeline under the appropriate date.
  • Find the answer to the scavenger hunt question and group leader can write it under the question.

Classroom Pre-Teaching

  • Have the students learn how to use the GPS units and have them enter the coordinates for all 18 stops prior to going downtown.
  • Students should learn about and research some important events in Regina’s history.
  • Each group will need a copy of the Historic Downtown Regina Geocaching Challenge Scavenger Hunt and a copy of the Historic Downtown Regina Geocaching Challenge Timeline, a clipboard and pencils.

Safety and Respect Downtown

  • Students should be in small groups with an adult supervisor with each group.
  • Ensure the group stays together and always crosses at an intersection or crosswalk.
  • Be sure students are respectful, especially if they have to go into a building to find information.
  • If students need to use the washroom, please use the Public Library downstairs.
  • Ensure students do not block the entire sidewalk.  Be respectful of other people walking downtown.

Start of the Geocaching Activity

  • Have the class gather together in Victoria Park at the Cenotaph.  The geocaching challenge centers from there. 
  • Instruct as to what time the groups need to meet back at the Cenotaph.
  • Remind group leaders not to do the scavenger hunt for the students.  Be sure it is the students that have the opportunity to use the GPS units and write on their own timeline sheet.
  • The GPS units may not always be very accurate when surrounded by tall buildings.  If the unit seems to be having trouble with accuracy, have the students get as close as the GPS will take them and then the group leader can help them to find the right building by looking at the name of the building on the Scavenger Hunt Sheet.

 Classroom Follow-Up

  • Have students research information on the events, buildings, architecture and/or people that they have been introduced to in the scavenger and timeline activities. 
  • Put the timeline in perspective with other world events that were happening at the same time.

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