Field Study - FAQ's

Where are the field trip sites located?

  • All field trip sites are within approximately an hour bus ride from Regina
  • They are located on private land, Ducks Unlimited, Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Nature Conservancy, Ministry of Environment, and Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation land.

How long are the field trips?

  • Length of a field trip depends on the grade, site and what the outcomes are for the teacher
  • Trips can be a full school day, extended half day (4 1/2 hours), or a half day (3 hours)

What is the cost of the field trips?

  • The only cost is for busing.  Buses are booked by Outdoor Education.
  • Full day trip is $273.00
  • Extended half day trip is 227.50
  • Half day trip out of the city is $136.50
  • Half day trip in the city is $91.00 

As a teacher, how do I prepare for the field trips?

  • Outdoor Education field trips are an extension of the classroom learning. Teachers should ensure students are learning about the topic chosen for the field trip and have decided what student outcomes will be focused on.
  • Letters need to be sent to parents explaining the field trip and what the outcomes are.
  • Consent and Waiver forms must be signed by each parent prior to the trip.  

What is the Outdoor Education Staff's role on the field trip?

  • The Outdoor Education staff member assigned to your trip will set up a time to come and visit your class one to two weeks before your trip.  They will explain to students and the teacher what the day will look like, what the expectations are and go through some details of what students need to have with them for the day.  This will also be the time that the teacher will share with the Outdoor staff person what the outcomes for the day will be and what learning the students will have done prior to the trip.
  • On the day of the field trip the Outdoor Education staff will ensure safety on the site (all staff have current first aid) and will be there to assist the teacher by providing learning opportunities and activities that fit with the teacher's outcomes.
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How does a teacher request an outdoor field trip?

  • There are 3 field trip seasons in a school year - fall, winter and spring.  
  • Prior to each season there is a deadline date for field trip requests.  Please see home page for request dates.
  • There is a request form for each season that must be filled out by the teacher.  These are located on this website with each season's field trip descriptions
  • Once the deadline has passed a schedule will be created and teachers will be notified as soon as possible if they have been given a date for their trip request.  Due to high numbers of requests there is often a wait list for trips.

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