Classroom and Community FAQ's

As a teacher, how do I book a classroom presentation for my class?

  • There are 2 seasons through the school year when the Outdoor Education Staff do the classroom and community programs - fall (Nov and Dec) and spring (Mar and Apr).
  • Prior to each of these seasons there will be a deadline date for booking requests (see the home page for dates).
  • Request forms are available on the Classroom and Community Program page.
  • After the request deadline a schedule will be created and teachers will be notified of the date and time of their presentation.

What are community programs?

  • These are programs led by the Outdoor Education staff that are not located in the classroom.
  • Community programs may be in the school yard, nearby park, or other locations within the city.
  • Teachers are responsible for transportation if the program is not at the school.

How many presentations can I book for my class?

  • Classroom and Community programs are to be an extension of the learning that is taking place in the classroom.  Booking requests should reflect this.