Cross Country Skiing - Grade 7-12

Bookings Begin Dec 7, 2018 at 8:00 am

Registration link will be active at that time.  

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Equipment is kept at the Regina Wildlife Federation and the skiing is done on the White Butte Trails. The White Butte Trail system consists of almost 20 km of packed ski trails both classic and skate. See Cross Country Skiing Student Checklist below.

This is a full day field trip and lunch will be eaten indoors.

Bussing is subsidized and booked by Outdoor Ed. Teachers will be sent a bus confirmation once dates are scheduled. The cost per student is $4.50.

 To view some pictures of cross country skiing  at White Butte click here!

Curriculum Connections   Outcomes Indicators
Grade 7 Phys Ed PE7.2 Examine personal daily nutritional habits and fluid intake practices that support healthy participation in various types of movement activities and the attainment or maintenance of healthy body weight and body composition B,D,E,F,G,H,I
  Phys Ed PE7.6 Explore, apply, and communicate biomechanical concepts and principles of balance, stability, spin, and rotation as a means to enhance independence in learning motor skills involving locomotor (traveling), non-locomotor (non-traveling), and manipulative (moving objects) skills E,F
  Phys Ed PE7.9 Utilize selected movement skills and combinations of skills (i.e., locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative) to participate in a variety of:

  • alternate environment activities (e.g., skating, cross-country skiing, swimming, snowshoeing, cycling, hiking, tracking, skateboarding, roping, canoeing, downhill skiing, orienteering)
  • body management activities including dance and educational gymnastics, as well as others (e.g., wrestling, track and field, pilates, yoga, aerobics)
  Phys Ed PE7.12 Analyze and apply the safety guidelines and rules related to net/wall games, striking/fielding games, low-organizational and inventive games, alternate environment activities, and body management activities to develop an appreciation of their impact on self and others B,D,E
Grade 8 Phys Ed PE8.8 Apply and adapt selected activity-related skills (e.g., carrying, paddling, gripping, hanging, wheeling, digging, fire building, snow ploughing, compass reading) and strategies required for participation in alternate environment activities (e.g., backpacking, hiking, cycling, overnight camping, canoeing, snowshoeing, wall climbing, in-line skating, skate boarding, cross-country skiing, tracking, roping, dog sledding, skating, orienteering, downhill skiing, tobogganing, Quincy building) A,C,E,F,G,H,I
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