Hunters and Gatherers

Pre-dating modern convenience, hunting and gathering was a way of life for many Native Americans. We will travel to the Gilmour site to participate in activities related to the hunting and gathering lifestyle. The first stop of the day will be at a bison jump. Students will learn about how the natural bison jump was used and how the entire geography of the area was used to carry out a successful hunt. We will then identify edible and medicinal plants on a hike through the valley.  Students will also be able to learn the skill of lashing when they make their own travois, and try their hand at a few traditional hunting methods.

Day of the Trip
Students should be on the bus and ready to leave the school by 9:15 in the morning if possible.  The full day will be spent at Gilmour's. Students and teachers will need to pack a healthy lunch with plenty of liquids. Details of what materials to bring will be discussed in the class visit. See below for Outdoor Field Trip Student Checklist.


Curriculum Connections   Outcomes
Grade 4 Social Studies IN4.2 Describe the origins of the cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities A,B,I
  Social Studies DR4.2 Explain the relationships between First Nations and Metis with the land B
Grade 5 Social Studies IN5.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the Aboriginal heritage of Canada
  Phys Ed PE5.9 Make decisions about how to prevent and care for common movement activity-related discomforts and injuries (e.g., stiffness, nose bleeds, and sprains) C
Grade 6 Phys Ed

PE6.10 Apply controlled use of selected movement skills and variations (i.e., locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills) as well as safe and environmentally friendly behaviors while participating in a variety of:

alternative environment activities

  Phys Ed PE6.13 Analyze and apply safety guidelines and rules that apply to the target games, invasion/territorial games, and alternate environment activities to develop an appreciation of their impact on self and others. D
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