Bears of the World

Bears of the World is a 45- 60 minute classroom presentation.  The students will learn facts about the 8 bear species of the world and tips on how to be "Bear Aware" when hiking or camping in bear habitat.  The presentation includes a video,  activities and a chance to see a black bear rug, claws, teeth, and a skull.  Two tables and a DVD player or data projector/screen are required for this presentation.
See Presentation Details and Pre Information below.

Black Bear Video

Polar Bear Video

Grizzly Bear Video

Curriculum Connections   Outcomes
Grade 1 Science
LT1.1 Differentiate between living things according to observable characteristics, including appearance and behaviour H,I,J,L
  Science LT1.2 Analyze different ways in which plants, animals, and humans interact with various natural and constructed environments to meet their basic needs A,C,E,F,G,I,H,J
  Science DS1.2 Inquire into the ways in which plants, animals, and humans adapt to daily and seasonal changes by changing their appearance, behaviour, and/or location A,B,C,D,F
Grade 2 Science

AN2.1 Analyze the growth and development of familiar animals, including birds, fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, during their life cycles
AN2.2 Compare the growth and development of humans with that of familiar animals A,E
  Science AN2.3 Assess the interdependence of humans and animals in natural and constructed environments A,D,E,F,G
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