Outdoor Education Equipment for Loan

The Outdoor Ed Department has the following equipment for loan, if you are interested in loaning some equipment please refer to the equipment request form at the bottom of the page. This request can be filled out and emailed to Gloria Eskdale (gloria.eskdale@rbe.sk.ca). Please read and acknowledge the directions on the bottom of the page.


Supply Tent(s)   5 Available, Each Kit includes:

  • Poles
  • Box of tent pegs
  • Hammer

Archery Kit(s)   2 Available, Each Kit includes:

  • Fiberglass Bows
  • Bag of arrows
  • Targets
First Aid Kit(s)   8 Available, Each Kit is updated with everything you need
Saw(s)   5 Available
Axe(s)   7 Available, Each axe is sheathed
Compass Kit(s)   5 Available, Each Kit has 30 compasses in a red carrying case
GPS Kit(s)   2 Available, Each Kit has 12 GPS's the borrower must provide their own batteries
Binocular(s)   4 Available, Each kit comes with 15 binoculars in a wooden carrying case
Loudhailer(s) 6 Available, Each kit comes with 6- C size batteries in a blue carrying case
Starting pistol(s) 5 Available, borrower must order primer shots (TRAC-00-0050; package of 100) from Stores


  • 2 Big Reds with a carrying case
  • 1 Big Zoom with a carrying case
  • 10 Galileo scopes with hardware for stands
Tarp(s)   8 Available

Propane Stove(s)  25 Available, Each stove is set-up to run off of green 1lbs bottles

If you would like to run more than one stove off of a large 20 lbs BBQ tank then you will need the following:

  • T- fitting(s)   8 Available, Each fitting can hold 2 hoses
  • Connector Hose(s)   23 Available

Canoe(s)   Please specify how many you would need for your class, must have a 1 7/8'" ball hitch, Includes the following:

  • Life jackets
  • Safety kits
  • Paddles
  • Trailer (spare tire, trailer registration,tie straps)
Pedometer(s)   3 Kits of 18 Available

Fishing Kit(s)   2 Kits available. Each kit includes the following:

  • 12 fishing rods with reels in blue carrying case(s)
  • 1 landing net
  • 2 tackle boxes with lures

Initiative Tasks Kits Available.  Kits include necessary materials and instructions.

  • Team Skis (winter only)
  • Trolley
  • Jelly roll
  • Spider web
  • Meuse
  • Electric fence
  • A-frame
  • Almost infinite circle
  • Board stretcher
  • Desert Island rescue challenge
  • Save the Whale
  • Rubber chickens

National Archery in the Schools Kit (NASP Kit) Each kit includes the following:

  • 1 archery net (wall anchors must be previously installed)
  • 5 targets
  • 12 compound bows (2 left handed 10 right handed)
  • 50 arrows
  • 12 ground quivers
  • 2 bow stands

All NASP kits come in a large wooded security box that comes with 1 key. Please note that only teachers who have taken the NASP Basic Archery Instructor course can borrow this equipment.

Snowshoe Kits

5 Kits Available

  • Kindergarten- Grade 3 (2 kits of 30)
  • Grade 4- Grade 6 (1 kit of 35)
  • Grade 7- Grade 8(1 kit of 35)
  • Highschool kit (1 kit of 35)

All snowshoes are new aluminum and are marked, they are borrows out in large duffel bags that are the teachers responsibilty. For more information please go to Snowshoe Kits under the Physical Education menu

Ski Kits

Ski Kit # 1 - Smaller sized 3 pin cross country skis

  • red & white barrel w/ 30 pairs of skis
  • red & white barrel w/ 30 pairs of poles
  • 2 boxes with a mixture of sizes of boots 36 pair total

Ski Kit #2 - Larger sized 3 pin cross country skis

  • red & white barrel w/ 30 pairs of skis
  • red and white barrel w/ 30 pairs of poles
  • 2 boxes with a mixture of sizes of boots 36 pairs total

These kits can be borrowed by the teachers but have to be picked up from the School Board from Outdoor Ed, they will not be placed or sent through delivery. Please see X-Country Ski Kits under the Physical Education drop menu for more info


Trek School Gear for Loan  
Summer Gear Winter Gear

Mountain Equipment Co-op internal frame hiking packs

  • 3

Plastic Sleds (with ropes tied on)


Complete Pot set (s)

  • 3
  • each pot set comes with a tin wind screen

Mountain Equipment Co-op (down) sleeping bags

  • 4 small
  • 9 reg
  • 6 long

All sleeping bags will be loaned with liners (liners need to be washed before returned)

MSR Whisperlite stoves

  • 6

Ski Equipment (please contact Outdoor Ed office)

  • Skis, boots & poles

MSR Fuel bottles

  • small 325 ml
  • med 650 ml
  • lg 887 ml

3 gallon water-proof containers

  • 9

5 gallon water containers

  • 6

Water filters

  • 2 katadyn filters
  • 1 MSR gravity filter bag


  • 1 Eureka Apex XT
  • 4 Seirra Designs Bedouin's
  • 2 North Face Rock 32's



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