Alex Youck One Room School

The Alex Youck One Room School is located inside the Regina Public Schools J.A. Burnett Centre.  This is a half day program run by the Outdoor Environmental Education Department.  Bussing to the Alex Youck One Room School is the responsibility of the class participating in the program.  

Students will step inside the fully furnished one room school and go back over 100 years to be a pupil from the early 1900's.  

Pupils will do math on slates, practice handwriting with a quill and ink, read aloud from Victorian age readers, play musical instruments and dance to a 78 record played on a grammaphone. They will have time to explore around the one room school and try to determine what certain objects were used for and how they compare to what are in their own schools today.  

We encourage classes to do some research on life in the early 1900's to and dress in clothing from the period for the day of their visit.  Students are encouraged to bring water bottles for their time in the one room school.  There are no water fountains.  


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