Regina Historical Geocaching Challenge

On the Regina Historical Geocaching Challenge students will use coordinates, and street addresses to take them to important historical areas of downtown regina.  The challenge will be to find as many of these locations as possible in the allotted time and find the answers to the scavenger hunt questions as they go.  Students will learn how Regina has been shaped and changed in the last 150 years.  This will be a half day field trip supported by the Outdoor Enviornmental Education Department.  Classes may choose to have their lunch in Victoria Park either before or after their challenge.

An adult is required for each group of 4 to 6 students


Curriculum Connections   Outcomes
Grade 5 Social Studies IN5.2 Analyze the evolution of Canada as a multicultural nation.

d, g

  Social Studies DR5.1 Analyze the historic and contemperary relationshiop of people to land in Canada. a, b, c, e, f
  Social Studies IN4.2 Describe the origins of the cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities a, c
Outdoor Field Trip Student Checklist Spring & Fall Half Day Trips73 KB
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