The Circle of Life

 In the circle of life many creatures experience changes in both appearance and activity. Students will have the opportunity to explore the creatures living in a pond and identify what part of the life cycle the invertebrates are in and what they will look like next. On a hike students will look for clues to determine what plants, animals and birds live in the area as well as go on a micro-hike with magnifying glasses.

Day of the Trip
This field study is designed for Grade 2 students and may be done at different sites including:

The teacher may choose a half day, extended half day or full day depending on their student's ability and the grade level. For extended half and full days the students and teachers will need to pack a healthy lunch with plenty of liquids. Details of what materials to bring will be discussed in the extended half day or full day trip class visit. See below for Outdoor Field Trip Student Checklist.

 YouTube Life Cycle Video

Curriculum Connections


Grade 2 Science

AN2.1 Analyze the growth and development of familiar animals, including birds, fish, insects, amphibians, and mammals during their life cycles.


AN2.2 Compare the growth and development of humans with that of familiar animals.


AN2.3 Assess the interdependence of humans and animals in natural and constructed environments.


AW2.2 Assess the importance of air and water and survival of living things, including self, and the environment.

  Phys Ed

PE2.1 Apply a repertoire of strategies, with guidance, for developing components of health related fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, and muscular strength through participation in a variety of movement activities.

  Phys Ed

PE2.2 Analyze daily habits and actions that demonstrate personal engagement in, and taking personal responsibility for, leading a physically active life.

  Phys Ed

PE2.6 Vary the performance of the body, while performing locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills by applying basic movement variables of:




  Phys Ed

PE2.8 Apply a repertoire of strategies and skills, with guidance, for and through active participation in a variety of movement activities including:

Alternate environment activities and games

  Phys Ed

PE2.9 Examine and express the purpose of rules, procedures, etiquette, and safe behaviours and apply them while participating in a variety of movement activities.





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