Prairie Settlers

This full day field trip will take place in Buffalo Pound Provincial Park in the Nicolle Homestead area.  The Nicolle family arrived in the area in 1881 with very little, first living in a tent, next in a log house, and then in 1903 had their stone home constructed for the grand sum of $357.  This house is still standing in the Nicolle Flats area.  The students will hike to the homestead site, explore the area and map the location of the house, barn, garden and water source.  Students will learn about the Nicolle's involvement with law and order in the area and how Mrs. Nicolle assisted the First Nations people.  Students will gain a better understanding of parts of the Indian Act of 1865 and it's affect on the local people. See below for Outdoor Field Trip Student Checklist.

Excellent Saskatchewan Settlement Resource

Grade 4 Social Studies Resource for Agriculture



Curriculum Connections
Grade 4 Social Studies
IN4.2 Cultural Diversity in Saskatchewan Communities A, B,C,D,F
  Social Studies
DR4.1 Impact on the land and on the lifestyle and settlement patterns of the people of Saskatchewan C,D
  Social Studies DR4.2 Explain the relationship of the First Nations and Metis peoples with the land F
  Social Studies RW4.3 Asses the impact of Saskatchewan resources and technological innovations on the provincial, national, and global communities. C
  Phys Ed E4.10 Apply tactics, strategies, and rules necessary for safe and inclusive involvement in movement activities, including but not limited to co-operative and competitive lead-up games as well as alternate environment activities, when alone and with others. A,B,D,E,F,G,I
  Phys Ed PE4.11 Incorporate safe practises (e.g., warm-up, cool-down, safe stretching, protective responses, proper attire, well-maintained equipment) for the prevention of injury and investigate basic first aid associated with care of illness and injury resulting from participation in movement activities both in and out of physical education class. A,B,G
Grade 5 Social Studies DR5.1 Analyze the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada F
  Social Studies IN5.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the aboriginal heritage of Canada D
  Social Studies IN5.2 Analyze the evolution of Canada as a multicultural nation H
  Phys Ed PE5.9 Make decisions about how to prevent and care for common movement activity-related discomforts and injuries (e.g., stiffness, nose bleeds, and sprains) C
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