Trapper Challenge

The Trapper Challenge is an activity filled day where students will simulate a day in the life of a "real trapper" from the fur trade. The day is spent at Last Mountain House Historic Site.  This was a fur trading post operating in the late 1800's.  

For half of the day students will be inside Last Mountain House where they will learn about the workings of a fur trading post, the roles of the people who worked there and the daily life of a fur trader.  Students will learn how to grade animal pelts, discover how to pack dog sleds and experience how to trade.  The trapper's life was not all work, so the students will have an opportunity to participate in Metis jigging and playing the spoons.

The other half of the day will be spent outdoors in the coulee participating in a number of challenges that trapper's would have faced.  The challenges may include snowshoe racing, ice worm hunt, fire lighting, dog sled races, log throwing, snow snake and playing the fur trading game.

The students will also have an outdoor hotdog and marshmallow roast.  Roasting sticks will be provided.   

Day of the Trip
If possible students should be on the bus and ready to leave the school by 9:00 in the morning. The full day will be spent at Last Mountain House. There are different activity options for the day which will be discussed with the Outdoor Education staff prior to the trip. We will have a fire at lunch time and students are encouraged to bring hot dogs to roast on the fire. Details of what materials to bring will be discussed in the class visit. See below for Student Checklist.


                                    Educational and Teacher Resources                                                                     

Curriculum Connections   Outcomes Indicators
Grade 4 Social Studies IN4.2 Describe the origins of the cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities  
  Social Studies DR4.1 Correlate the impact of the land on the lifestyles and settlement patterns of the people of Saskatchewan C,G
  Social Studies RW4.1 Analyze the strategies that Saskatchewan have developed to meet the challenges presented by the natural environment B,F
  Health USC4.1 Assess what healthy eating and physical activity mean for pre/adolescence C,D,E,G
  Health USC4.4 Determine basic personal responsibility for safety and protection in various environments/situations A,B,C,H
  Phys Ed PE4.10 Apply tactics, strategies and rules necessary for safe and inclusive involvement in movement activities, including but not limited to co-operative and competitive lead-up games as well as alternate environment activities, when alone and with others. A,B,D,E,F,G,I
  Phys Ed PE4.11 Incorporate safe practises (e.g., warm-up, cool-down, safe stretching, protective responses, proper attire, well-maintained equipment) for the prevention of injury and investigate basic first aid associated with care of illness and injury resulting from participation in movement activities both in and out of physical education class. A,B,G
Grade 5 Social Studies DR5.1 Analyze the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada D,E
  Social Studies DR5.2 Assess the impact of the environment on the lives of people living in Canada E
  Social Studies DR5.3 Identify European influence on pre-confederation Canadian society A,I
  Social Studies PA5.1 Describe Canada's political evolution A,E
  Health USC5.1 Analyze personal eating practices A,K
  Phys Ed PE5.9 Make decisions about how to prevent and care for common movement activity-related discomforts and injuries (e.g., stiffness, nose bleeds, and sprains) C
Grade 6 Phys Ed

PE6.10 Apply controlled use of selected movement skills and variations (i.e., locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills) as well as safe and environmentally friendly behaviors while participating in a variety of:

alternative environment activities

  Phys Ed PE6.13 Analyze and apply safety guidelines and rules that apply to the target games, invasion/territorial games, and alternate environment activities to develop an appreciation of their impact on self and others.  
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