Classroom Presentations

The Outdoor Environmental Education Department provides a variety of presentations on outdoor/environmental topics which are specifically related to teachers' curricular objectives and classroom content. Programs include information and activities on Saskatchewan flora and fauna, geography, natural history and other related themes.


Please only one teacher and one class per form.  

Classroom presentations are done

  • Fall (November and December) - REQUEST FORM - Deadline Oct 20, 2017
  • Spring (March and April) - REQUEST FORM -  Deadline March 2, 2018


Classroom Presentation Information:

Animals In Winter  (available only in fall season)
Antler Scoring
Arctic Animals
Bears of the World
Classroom Orienteering
Hooves, Horns and Antlers
Hug-A-Tree and Survive
The Life of Beavers
Meateaters and Planteaters
Owl Pellet Dissection Lab
Saskatchewan Species at Risk
Saskatchewan Animals
Wilderness Survival